Sat 10th Nov 2018 - 6:51pm

North America (NA):

Needing a win against Evil Geniuses to keep their fate in their own hands and avoid auto-relegation, Obey Alliance fell 5-1 behind very quickly. While they were able to engineer a comeback to 5-5, the draw meant that their survival in the Pro League then depended on Noble esports also only managing a draw (at best) against mousesports (mouz).

Latin America (LATAM):

Starting things off was paiN Gaming, who confirmed their relegation zone placement -- and opened themselves up to a risk of auto-relegation -- through a 6-2 loss to BootKamp Gaming. Black Dragons, meanwhile engineered a stunning 5-5 draw against FaZe Clan, but given their failure to prevent FaZe from getting 5 rounds of their own on the board, they directly fell into the Challenger League.

Europe (EU):

The EU region had only a single season-defining game, but was no less entertaining to watch. Team Vitality secured a 5-5 draw against PENTA Sports in a result that had no effect on the standings, but it was the next game everyone had their eyes on.


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