Those responsible for the complete operation and foundation of Complete Chaos.

  • Easty

    Dakota Carter

    [Founder] Easty, known as Kota or Dakota to his friends. Easty is 24 years old and is from North Carolina. He has been gaming since early 2008. He founded Complete Chaos Gaming with friends. You'll find him playing with the boys or playing in scrimmages....Read More

  • Complete Chaos

    Complete Chaos competes in a few different games such as, Rocket League, Fortnite, and Rainbow Six Siege. We are a growing gaming community. From competitive play to casual play we have people to game with for you. Along with monthly events! Tournaments/Giveaway/Gear Drops/Game Nights and more! We also have a dedicated Stream Team that allows for direct Streamer Support! Give our team a chance to help you grow your stream and show you what would help you progress. Community Links: Apparel: Website: Discord: More

  • SilverKing98

    Sterling S.

    [Chief Operations Officer] I am just a Gamer Nerd from Texas looking to enjoy life. I play Rocket League competitively and have experience Managing/Staffing Rocket League eSports. My favorite game genre is Survival. I love Ark: Survival Evolved, Conan: Exiles, Hunt: Showdown, Pixark, Osiris: New Dawn and am looking forward to trying out Rend. I will be looking to bring Complete Chaos progress in everything that we do. My goal for Complete Chaos is growth and activity. If you have ideas for events feel free to reach out to me on discord! (SilverKing #5391)...Read More

  • triplettomy

    Thomas DG

    ...Read More